I was a lifelong runner 18 miles a week in Fort Greene Park, then I broke my big toe. It was nightmare I never thought I’d run again. My hip hurt from putting too much pressure on my working foot. It was serendipitous that I bump in to Leon a master Tai Chi teacher and extremely humble; he wanted to learn English and I wanted to learn the art of Tai chi. It’s been two years and 12 hours per week and I still cannot get enough. My hip heeled, my toe healed, I loss my flabby stomach, I have more muscle definition overall and my knees don’t hurt. I did not expect any of those results or to find a meditative silence in this noisy world.


The silence and meditation get me ready for my busy work week. The teachers ARE skilled and generous.


M’s energy, strength, and passion for tai chi are contagious! Class is empowering and engaging and her form is beautiful. M inspires me to be my best in tai chi and to be my best in life as well! Highly recommend her class to all!


I am very pleased with the relaxation and peace of mind obtained by participating in the tai chi class. It is my weekly renewal session with teachers M and Leon.