What is Tai Chi?

One of the core concepts of tai chi is that the forces of Yin and Yang should be in balance.
In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are two principles or elements that make up the universe and everything in it and that also oppose each other.

  • Yin is believed to have the qualities of water — such as coolness, darkness, stillness, and inward and downward directions — and to be feminine in character.
  • Yang is believed to have the qualities of fire — such as heat, light, action, and upward and outward movement — and to be masculine.

In this belief system, people’s yin and yang need to be in balance in order for them to be healthy, and tai chi is a practice that supports this balance.

Upcoming Events

Summer Sundays 2018
Free Tai Chi in Fort Greene Park

Schedule Sundays
from June 30th to Sept 30th, 2018
Time 10 AM -11.15 AM
Location Fort Greene Park Monument, Brooklyn NY
Price FREE



  • Wear comfortable workout clothing and sneakers.
  • There is a brief introduction and movement mostly in silence following the Teacher’s movements.
  • If you practice Tai Chi for health purposes, it is important that you seek advice from your main health care providers, such as your family doctors. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care.


Marilyn is available for individual intensive classes.
She is accomplished in traditional Yang short forms 24, 42, 40 and 88 long form.

Marilyn is certified to lead TaiChiEasy™ Training and work with diverse underserved populations such as:

  • Veterans Organizations
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Osteoporosis Patients
  • Special Needs Children
  • Physically Challenged
  • Youth in the Native American Community
  • De-stressed workplace staff group exercise

the class of 2017

The training gives you everything you need to lead 30-60 minute practice sessions.
This simple mind-body practice can be done by anyone standing, sitting or lying down, including the physically and mentally disabled or elderly.

About the Teachers

Leon Qi Ying

Leon is native Chinese speaker who has studied and taught Tai Chi for over 30 years.
He resides in Brooklyn with his wife and leads tai chi in Fort Greene. He teaches in the Chinese traditional of silent moving meditation.

Marilyn Fleming

‘M’ grew up in UK and longtime resident of Fort Greene.
M studied with Leon Chung and teaches Tai Chi to English speakers. She is a Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader empowered to lead the self-care and health promotion practices in numerous environments.

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